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The setup between the Nats and Horsham is extremely close.

From the Horsham to Hobby Chamber, I changed the following things...

#1. Stiffer front Sway Bar
( Horsham was the .055 Black Bar )
( Hobby Chamber was the .078 Gold Bar )

#2. Anti-Dive
( Horsham, I ran all the arm mounts flat to the chassis )
( Hobby Chamber, I ran a #2 shim under the O block up front for 2 degrees of Anti-Dive )

#3. Droop
( Horsham, I normally run 1mm droop up front and 1mm droop in rear )
( Hobby Chamber, I ran 5mm droop up front and 4mm droop in rear )

That's basically all I changed from track to track. That made it easy to concentrate on learning the track. The car was really good. If anything, you might find the car push a little. That is tunable with tire traction and roll center adjustments. I am gonna change the bar back for Horsham though.

Hope this helps. Anyone else, fire away.


Jason ( no, not BMI Jason )
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