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And the final Version too
IŽll start building it at the some first impressions and changes i noticed:
Steering is now the a215 Standart ( changed it some time ago on the A8t already)
Radio tray...Yeah..enough space for a big 3000mAh Lipo
Brakes..Ferodo is now standard
on the Rear on the chassis plate there are some aditional holes. 2 of them u see on the pic above..for aditional weights..sure..truggy iss so light..
and 2 more holes inline with the two holes for the chassis brace. You can mount the brace from e-buggy. Had serious probs with too much chassis flex on the A8T when racing on astroturf or high grip tracks like indoor at the Leipzig toy fair.
You still can mount the optional lower engine mount plates but friend made a nice quick change engine mount, so i must use the short plates.
shock tower are slightly different.
A-arms..same shape but different coulor( material?)
..will update this when i start build it
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