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Default CC Race Report 8Oct2016

With several of our diehards attending the IIC in Las Vegas, last night seemed like it might be a slight affair, but we were bolstered by a strong field of novices and hometown regulars who decided racing at Magnuson Park beat hanging at home watching the rain fall; we were 46 strong, and we fielded all classes. We were right at the 8-heat cusp, so I decided to go for three qualifying rounds and single mains. We ran crisply through the program, and I will say to all of you that Iíve been to big races that did not run as smoothly. From novice to modified, everyone was ready to go and heats started right at the 3-minute tone, if not earlier, all night. That saidÖit takes a toll to be on a hellbent charge from 4 to midnight with less than 10 minutes between rounds. It leaves no time to relax at race central, and for those racing two classes and corner marshaling, it cuts into bench time as well. Maybe weíll take it easier going forward. I still like to see things snap off in good order, but weíll spend the time we win on longer breaks and an earlier out.

Scale Spec continues to draw veteran and newbs alike to its ranks. In the long run of northwest racing, the class is starting to distinguish itself as being one of the best ever. Indoors and out, carpet and asphalt, itís really the best place to get a budget-friendly dose of competition. Albert Rosales made an appearance and laid some tracks across the backs of the field. We donít see enough of Albert, but when we do, heís usually toward the front.

Stock 1/12th continues to rally. I feared for the class with the Vegas conflict, but we were okay. I was able to break through to 40 laps, which goes to show how far the tech has come since we started this club. I remember Trav chasing 40 laps at the hangar when Stock ran 13.5 motors. He would scrub-scrub his tires by hand on the track, cross the loop, creep out to the straight, and then park it. No practice laps. I was able to lap a couple of times before my quals and still have enough in the electron tank to make 40, with a 17.5 on board.

The story of the 2016/2017 season so far is a good one, and it sums up in one word: Novices! Weíve rightly taken some pride in our novice program in the past, but this season is taking it to a new level. We have a superb, high quality field of new racers joining us, and they donít hesitate to pitch in at setup and teardown. Iíll call out Joshua for throwing his back into it and racing well on top of that. On track, it was young Craig Bauman showing the way all night. He races with maturity beyond his years, and his dad, Brian, is right there with him.

Another thought on novicesÖ We talk about novices and generally nod our heads that new racers are a good thing. Let me tell you, they are a great thing. You know who was once a novice? Kyle Bradshaw. And now Kyle leads our Wednesday night program. Jeff Johnson and Tim Cook were novices. They built the Seatac drivers stand. A club like ours is in constant need of new energy, and we are so very fortunate that it continues to arrive at our door. Who among this current crop will one day be a leader in our club? Iíll bet itís one or more of them, and weíll be grateful for it. If you are a veteran racer, particularly one at the front end of our stock or mod classes, take time to thank our new racers for showing up, devoting their time and energy to our club, and congratulate them on their progress. Weíll be racing in the years to come because of them, count on it.

Jeff Jenkins returned to the gym after taking some time away. Jeff has started a family and is enjoying the full nelson that is work, wife, kid, house, and all that. But on this Saturday, for just a few hours away from home and responsibilities, Jeff was the fastest touring car racer in Seattle. Itís good to have you back, Jeff. Sam was also quick and gave credibility to Jeffís win, as he came in a strong second.

There was a time when I rolled my eyes at Formula 1, Iíll admit it. The tires werenít sorted, and the racing was a general scrum of tumbling cars and mayhem. (Iíll also admit the same could be said of Mod 1/12th, so there.) But, it has come along. Most have a decent to good understanding of how to set up the chassis, and the tires are pretty well settled. The cars do work. So, itís a pleasure to see the F1 crowd take the track and have their go at the night. Russ Dyer took the win after showing consistency and pace throughout the night. Dave McMullen had a tough break in the main as he was tapped from behind in the early going and suffered a shifted motor and damaged spur. Boo! But, it was nevertheless a well-driven race. A call out to Dave Hawley for what was clearly his best effort to date as he came home a respectable third.

Stock Touring was the big show of the night, and speaking of big shows, the winner of the night was fresh from Vegas where he made the show in Amateur touring, one of the hardest fought classes at that huge event. Iím speaking of course of Mike Boyle, who has become one of our most consistent performers, and who by the way won our ECC novice class a couple years back. Mike has dedicated himself to racing, and along with his father Jerry is one of our classic trackside personalities. If you are at least 18 years old, and not prone to fits of outrage, then I can suggest spending a night or two in the Mike-Jeff-Tim triangle of smack talk. But, straight up, no apologies if your ears are scalded and your precious sensibilities offended. You were warned. Young Andrew Kaltsounis finished in a good second place and shows he is a talent for the future.

Modified 1/12th was the most affected by Vegas, with two of our local heroes, Brian and Korey, in transit from Glitter Gulch. I had to suffice for the nightís talent, so Iíll be quick with the report. I like the 6.5 and find it an ideal power package for night in night out club racing. I can make four runs on one set of tires, and itís fast without being a self-destructing land missile if I miss a mark by a couple millimeters.

Hangar 30 racing on Wednesday...itís where the cool kids will be. Stock 1/12th, Scale Spec, Stock TC, and Novice are pretty much guaranteed.

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