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Originally Posted by AlexPate View Post
Not sure which flawed parts you speak of. You can complain about the slop in the front upper king pins but it's all in your head as far as it making a difference. Out of the 7 tracks I have been to in the north west the Lightning fx was the fastest kit around, whether it was in my hands or someone else's. As far as it goes I'm not really sure where all this negativity is coming from
Haters will be haters and not worth the time to worry about certain peoples comments. I cured the front slop only because it bugged me by putting the plastic parts bag over the ball then popping the end piece over it, then trimmed the plastic excess. I don't think it really made the car handle any better but it did make me feel more warm and fuzzy but it shows VBC is listening that they improved it. I think a certain person also forget to mention how many times they smacked a wall hard before breaking the wing mount. I broke one before but less times than the X-rays I run against on our indoor carpet track broke their upper carbon front arms at $ 20.00 each.I think the FXM is going to be a even more stable car and easier to adjust with all the changes made to the back half and can't wait to debut mine at the IIC in Vegas in 3 weeks. And the FX is still such a good car, I already have offers from two friends at my local track who want to buy my current car.

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