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Originally Posted by Wildcat1971 View Post
Ok, you like the tlr3.0 laydown, and that is cool. You say the tlr is the easiest? How so? The yok, xray and AE cars come with laydowns, no need to buy a chassis and etc. You have the b6, but never messed with it, yet the tlr is by far the best? How so? I am all for side by side comparisons, that talk to the strengths and weaknesses of the cars. But your blanket statements are not very well supported in your post. Please elaborate.
out of the box experience in setups. TLR is to me the closest to being near perffect for the track I run at. The AE is tail happy because there is not enough weight under the transmission so I will have to buy plates and the aluminum or brass blocks for the rear to lock it in, not a bad car, just not a great starting setup. Same with Yokomo, had to add weight under the transmission to lock it in, in the form of steel C-D plates as well as adding 21grams of stick on weight in place of the aluminum pieces that were already on the car, raise the tranny by 1mm. With the TLR car, I just basically changed chassis and gearbox and it was really good, no fishtails. I'm sure after the rebuild of the local track we finally get, all of the cars will drive basically well no matter what reasonable setup I choose to run since the track will be as high bite as SRS. But as it stands now with what I wouldn't call ideal conditions for a laydown, the TLR for me has been the best "oob experience". While I am at it, I will say this as well, yes it was expensive, but having a machined gearbox, my transmission feels perfectly aligned, whereas the other cars don't feel as well put together. Just giving you my take on my experiences with the 3 cars. I will say this about the TLR car compaired to the other two, it's kinda not stock spec racing ready as it is a little heavy (1540) as of right now. The Yokomo without adding was way under legal, and the AE is `1530. 1520 has always been my stock sweet spot, so maybe a lock out and some reedy 13 gauge wire on the R10.1 (speed control I run in every car) will get the TLR close to that weight, average laps times do favor the TLR though due to the stability I find inherent of the platform.
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