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Originally Posted by billdelong View Post
I'd be interested in keeping the laydown discussion in this thread... I haven't been active in the thread for a while, but have been following along the banter and I appreciate it FWIW.

I'd also be interested in learning about how many pro drivers are still running the stock transmission on a med-high bite smooth clay track?

I haven't made the conversion to the dirt laydown yet, but considering it... my biggest fear is messing up my setup because my car is already doing very well for me as is... I was talking to another local this weekend who didn't have any luck with turf laydown (not sure what it's called, the non-dirt laydown?) and his lap times got exponentially worse for him.

At the very least, it would be nice to have some sort of PDF template available for folks to print out a copy, tape to their stock chassis and drill the holes themselves instead of having to buy a whole new chassis. That would make it easier for me to pull the trigger on a laydown conversion to experiment with.
I think that laydown cars are faster.... but not quite as easy to drive unless on a track with pretty good grip. I look at it this way, if you are a top 5 in the main guy, you probably have the skill required to drive it and are so close with the guys you are directly competing with that the 1-2 tenths you could pick up matter enough to give it a shot. If you are a middle of the B-main guy, then the laydown will probably prove to not be easy enough to drive and won't improve your results over all... right now you just need to focus on having clean runs, driving faster, etc. then think about laydown a little further down the road when the car starts to become more of a limiting factor.

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