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Originally Posted by janisdaubergs View Post
I'm keeping:
Pulley set;
Front hinges;
Also CVA dogbones is nice to have.
Front pivot and brace;
Front hinge pins aren't needed as a spare for the 2.0, haven't seen one break yet. If you get aluminum bell cranks, no need to carry spares also.

Originally Posted by maurorace74 View Post
We just purchased, built and tested the our new 22-4 2.0. We are new to the off-road 4x4 cars. We used the 50k weight diff fluid in both front and rear, used the 32.5 shock oil in all 4 shocks. Car seems to pull the front wheels on all accelerations and corners. After about 60 laps, we shredded the front drive belt.

Any idea what might have caused this issue to occur? Is it a kit issue or a build issue or setup issue?

Slipper is too tight to break a front belt with that amount of track time.

Originally Posted by hnk34 View Post
Hi, im running a 7.5 and thought I adjusted the slipper correctly but have now shredded two front belts in 5 track days and two races ( about 20 packs). I will adjust the slipper once again per video set ups, but what should I expect?

I read post stating very minimal front belt breakage and wonder what's making my experience so different?

Any thoughts and advice is appreciated. Also, what should I expect for normal wear?
Slipper is too tight to break a front belt with that amount of track time.

I'll try to do a FB live this week and show how to set a slipper on the 22-4 2.0.
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