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Originally Posted by ChrisUU View Post
Hello from Australia.

I have just purchased a new 22-4 2.0. I have bought all the normal spares such as arms, shock towers, spindles ect. I'm wondering if I need to keep a spare set of belts also. I am only running 17.5 Blinky. I hate down time and waiting for parts.

Besides an entire spare car what else do you guys recommend carrying to avoid ever having down time.

I'm keeping:
Pulley set;
Front hinges;
Also CVA dogbones is nice to have.
Front pivot and brace;

I'm a local dealer in my country and this is the list of spares that were broken down, or needed a service on original 22-4 in last two years.
I have only broken a shock tower and front arms, but others have broken parts listed above within last two years. not because car is fragile, but on those nsaty landings, as out tracks are mostly suited for 1/8 they can be rough on 1/10th's
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