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Originally Posted by qstorm777 View Post
I don't know if this holds true for the SCT (shorter shock bodies), but, from my understanding, you really don't want to invert the conical shock pistons. This can make the piston bottom out in the shock body.

Reducing the anti-squat helped mine a lot. If your rear end is slapping the jump, I would go up in shock oil and possibly springs. With pinks all around, I would think you are good on springs.

Another thing that helped me is to try and take the jumps at a constant speed or maybe accelerating just a little. Depending on the size of the jump, I may stay on the throttle for a sec while airborne just a little to try and stay level. For me, the more air I get, the harder it is to correct the car if it's not level.
With due respect I see why you might think this, but it's not an issue what so ever. It actually gives more clearance on the compression stroke side, but like you said, less on rebound. But this is completely negated by setting your droop screw to relieve any pressures.
The reason for inverting the conical piston is to further settle the suspension by slowing down the rebound and loosening up the compression stroke. McGuigan says it made a notable difference that keeps thing planted. As I said before he runs 6 hole 1.5 pistons all around with 40ish wt oil front and 35ish rear. Not exactly sure the weights because he runs PT while I'm more used to Losi weights. All I know for certain is its heavy which I imagine is better for the inverted pistons considering effects.
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