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Ray is right, they use tags. My first impression of the kit is that all performance stuff aside, it is a technological marvel. The shocks are quite simply the coolest design I've ever seen. No more gripping the threads with side cutters to screw on the rod end, no more trying to spring E-clips off an oily piston, no more bleeding and re-bleeding a shock to get it just right. I think TRF shocks have met their match.

Similarly, being able to adjust the belt tension *without* removing the bulkheads is awesome. Other kits have had this feature but you had to remove at least one side to rotate the diff housing. On the JRX-S, you just remove a screw, rotate it, and put it back in. Just like the quick release hubs on the ADE2 truck, it's one of those "why has no one else done this?" things.
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