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Originally Posted by Beau S View Post
Yo, turtle!! Next time you tear your front diff out, take a close look at at the clearances b/t the front pulley/diff side of the outdrives, & where hole in the chassis/front pivot, & case.
The FACT they engineered a durable gear diff that only increased the width on the diff assembly 1mm per side (inside of outdrive bearing to opposite outdrive bearing) is a miracle! Shuey diffs aren't that narrow.
Hence, and I'm presuming that the hole in the chassis that the diff assembly sits inside, in the 1.0 & Shorty Chassis, would have to be mod'd slightly for the gear diff to fit. I'm guessing this is the main reason they could be drop-in ready for the 1.0 car.
I do not have a 2.0 parts in hand to be certain of this though.

Btw: you may want to take a hard look at the 2.0 adjustment inserts + gear diff on a 1.0 rear.... I know I will be shortly ;-)

Ps: just buy the new car! You know you wanna! You know you're going to! Don't fight. It feels kinda right don't it... Lol
Dude, I will be getting one. You can't beat the price for all quirks your getting. And way cheaper than a 22 3.0 laydown :-)
Yeah, I hear ya! I am probably gonna get one as well and just keep the 1.0! I like it that much and our track here is kinda wishy washy with traction at times.

Maybe all that has to be done is a little work with a file to get them to fit but I would guess that the locations for the screws are probably different if the housings are a bit wider.

I will just upgrade most likely!
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