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Originally Posted by nubs View Post
There are a ton of things that can be upgraded on the TB04 standard build. Depending on what you want to do with it will determine which route you go first.

If you want to just make it fast as hell, the first think you will need to do is get the upgraded aluminum motor mount. The stock mount prevents you from mounting a large Pinion Gear. Once you get the new motor mount you will want to get the following gears:

76-teeth 64-pitch spur gear
52-teeth 64-Pitch

This will give you a FDR (Final Drive Ratio) of (76/52)*2.5 = 3.65

This will make your car have a significantly higher top speed but reduce the acceleration.

Next you will want to upgrade the transmission to be able to handle the more aggressive gear ratio you just upgraded to. This involve upgrading the following items
Metal Differential Gears and Cross Bars
Aluminum Transmission shaft set
Aluminum Pilot Shaft set
Double Cardan Joint Shaft (front and rear)
Aluminum Cup Joints (front and rear)

These upgrades will basically prevent your car from eating itself up. After that you can work on upgrading handling characteristics:

Wheel Hex Drive Adaptors
Front Direct Coupling
Aluminum or Carbon Reinforced Front Knuckles (Uprights)
Aluminum or Carbon Reinforced Rear Knuckles (Uprights)
Aluminum or Carbon Reinforced C-Hubs
Shims/ thin washers to remove dead space between wheels and Hex adapters
Aluminum Steering Assembly
Aluminum Steering and Pushrods
Aluminum Damper Stay Mount
Carbon Damper Stays (Front / Rear)
TRF Short Dampers
Carbon Reinforced Lower Deck
Carbon Reinforced A Parts (Gear Boxes)
TA06 Stabilizer Set
Aluminum Suspension Mounts (depends on driving preferences)

The final upgrade
TB04 to Exotek Exo-6 Conversion kit(s)

That being said, some people think the exo 6 conversion should come first.
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