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Originally Posted by danielc3009 View Post
I'm running 4 degrees of caster to shorten the wheelbase already. This has started since I fitted the RFG. I need to run 2.5mm shims on the inner st24 and about 5mm on the outer to get a constant toe as the suspension compresses and so the link misses am83 at full compression. I'm using about 30mm up travel (measured at the bottom of the axle) is that ok or should I use less.

I'd like to adjust the rear bump steer so the wheels toe in as the rear lifts to get more rear grip at corner entry. Am I right in think I'll need more shims on the outer st24 to achieve this and possibly make the problem worse.

With Spr02h do they touch am17l/r for up the travel stop or do you still use the screws in p12?
I don't have the RFG, so I'm not sure how that may impact shimming and clearances unfortunately. But in general I don't really measure my upstop, I simply make sure it doesn't allow the SPR02 to go up so far all the stress is on the SPR02 and AM17.

I have not tried going that direction in rear bump steer, so I can't comment on that setting specifically, but I would use a setup station to make sure I'm shimming the right direction. Check the toe at standard ride height, then press the chassis down/lift it up and check the toe again.

The SPR02H still touches the AM17 just like the original units, but I do still use my upstop screws just to spread the stress of the impact if the suspension goes up that high.

Edit; I'm curious what your opinion/insight is on the RFG and what surfaces you have tried it on. I have been considering getting one but on the fence. Haven't really seen a whole lot of feedback on it.
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