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As long as you live in a mortal body, your mind is the place where your fight with Satan will be won or lost. Your mind is the battlefield.

Some people have made the mistake of thinking Satan's attacks come in the realm of the spirit, but they don't! Jesus defeated him once and for all where the spirit realm is concerned - and when we made Jesus Lord of our lives, that victory became forever ours.

The battle for your spirit is over. It has already been fought and won. As a believer, you've been spiritually reborn into the image of God, and there is absolutely nothing the devil can do to change that. He's been permanently kicked out of that domain.

Unless you understand the difference between the soul and the spirit, that may be difficult for you to grasp. So let me give you an illustration that will help you see the distinction between the two.

Over the years, I've met a few people who, through supernatural visions, have had the privilege of actually seeing Jesus. In describing their visions, several of those people have told me the same thing. They've said that when Jesus appeared to them, almost all of the questions they'd always wanted to ask Him suddenly vanished from their minds.

Then later, when the vision was gone, they'd think about that great opportunity they had and wonder how on earth they could have failed to ask Him those questions when they had the chance. Why didn't I ask Him about this? they'd think. Why didn't I ask Him about that?

I'll tell you why they didn't. It was because visions take place in the realm of the spirit; and when you're operating purely in the realm of the spirit, your mind (which is in the realm of the soul) is not in charge. The only questions those folks could think to ask were questions that had truly been in their spirits. All the others - the ones they so quickly forgot - were simply questions they'd been entertaining in their minds.

When those folks were caught up in those visions, the devil wasn't even a factor. Because they had for that moment stepped totally into the spirit, he couldn't get in and mess things up. Even though he himself is a spirit, he's lost all his authority in the spiritual realm. He can't fight you there anymore.

Remember, 1 Corinthians 10:13 says, "There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man." That means Satan has to operate in this natural, soulish realm. And even in this realm he has no authority, but he can try to deceive you. Deception is all that he has.

That doesn't mean, however, that he'll just pack up and go home. He's still going to come after you. He's still going to try to steal from you and kill you and destroy you - and he's going to try to do it by gaining control of your mind. By bombarding you with destructive thoughts and putting pressure on your emotions.

You need to know that. You need to prepare yourself for it. You need to realize that if you're ever going to take a successful stand against him, you're going to have to do it on the battlefield of your mind.
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