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Originally Posted by WesRaven View Post
I havn't bent my back steering arms yet (only the front after many impacts) but I can see how that would happen with 5mm of shims; that's a lot of leverage. I'm only running 2.75. Just a suggestion; If you go with more short caster in the back you wouldn't need so many shims.

I'm running the new SPR02H on both my 700 and 800 and love them. I no longer have to slightly bend and adjust the old SPR02 to get a nice tight fit on the SP05 every time I rebuild my car.

The only issue I've had is since they are slightly longer than the SPR02 they will hit the P04 if you slide the damper out much farther than 4mm. I'm going to try to resolve this by putting thicker oil in my dampers so I can back the dampening setting off a bit.
I'm running 4 degrees of caster to shorten the wheelbase already. This has started since I fitted the RFG. I need to run 2.5mm shims on the inner st24 and about 5mm on the outer to get a constant toe as the suspension compresses and so the link misses am83 at full compression. I'm using about 30mm up travel (measured at the bottom of the axle) is that ok or should I use less.

I'd like to adjust the rear bump steer so the wheels toe in as the rear lifts to get more rear grip at corner entry. Am I right in think I'll need more shims on the outer st24 to achieve this and possibly make the problem worse.

With Spr02h do they touch am17l/r for up the travel stop or do you still use the screws in p12?
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