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Vehicle builds:

Build tip #1 from Brent Theilke:
If you're not able to get full throw to the right, this ballstud may be too high. With all the different servos, servo horns and tolerance build-up, the articulation of the drag link may be the limiting factor.
The aluminum bellcrank calls for 2mm here, but I had to go to 0 in order to get full throw.

Build tip #2 from Nick Wautlet:
#‎wallietip‬: if using the FT aluminum steering rack, bellcranks and servo horn run the steel kit screws rather than the titanium ones. The aluminum parts minimize the flex in the steering which stresses these two screws and can cause them to shear.

Build tip #3 from Brent Thielke
With all the rear roll center adjustments available in the B6 platform it can be confusing communicating what each position means. For me, the easiest way to talk about them is as center, half and full.
So for this picture, my inserts are "half up and half in". I have the same position in the "C" arm mount, so my toe is still 3* with 1* anti-squat.

Build Tip #4 via Facebook
if you want to bolt a fan to the chassis try doing this:

Build Tip #5 from RC*Phreak

Regarding MIP Pucks and adding the correct shimming:

i got the shim situation with the pucks sorted out. you have to:

1) put inner bearing in hub
2) slide large shim over axle all the way up to the back of the axle
3) slide axle/bone into hub carrier
4) slide small shim onto axle through hub carrier
5) push outter bearing into hub carrier

using that i'm able to put my normal male silverback gorilla wheel nut tightening job and there's no binding. in the pictures that come with the shims (the pic socket posted) it seems like they want you to slide both shims onto the axle before sliding the axle into the hub carrier and like i said, that doesn't work.

Build Tip #6 from Brent Thielke

I keep tweaking/bending my rear wing mounts, is there a fix? Yes, do not over-tighten the screws that hold the wing down, screw them down till their snug and maybe back off 1/2 turn or so.

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