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Team Associated Laydown transmission conversion for B6D:
Laydown conversion

Parts from Shapeways:
*NOTE: I will not be listing every waterfall with fan mount, there will simply be too many*
rear wing mount spacer
Lower front wing mount
rear body mount support
Schelle/Avid Slipper eliminator
Exotek-style slipper eliminator
Rear wing mount
B6 Ball cup tool (works with drill)
Ball cup holder
B6 rear lipo brace

3DRC Shapeways store:
3DRC Store

Jconcepts Shapeways store:
Jconcepts Shapeways

JB Carbon:
3 gear split laydown gearbox


Fan mounts
Cut gears

Rawspeed R/C:
Carbon battery strap
B6 rear shock tower
Long rear shock tower
B6d front tower

Flo Control Pistons
Flo control pistons (Kashima)
Garodisc VTS slipper pads

Titanium Hinge Pin Set

Chassis protector

Diggity R/C:
CF Motor Plate
Long rear tower
Carbon rear tower
Gull wing Carbon front tower
Flat Arm Carbon Front Tower
Carbon Fiber Battery strap (AE Logo)
Carbon fiber Battery strap
Carbon Fiber Steering plates

Spur gear cover for laydown transmission

Xfactory R/C:
Tall rear shock tower
Rear shock tower
Gull wing front shock tower
Flat arm front shock tower
Carbon Fiber Idler shaft

Brass Gear box brace
Titanium Shock mounts
Brass D mount
Brass C mount
Brass front bulkhead
brass electronics plate
Titanium battery screws
Titanium shock mount set
Titanium front axles
Carbon front bulkhead brace
Carbon steering rack brace
Titainum hige pin set
Carbon rear tower
Gull Wing shock tower
Flat Arm shock tower
Alum wing buttons
Carbon Electronic mounting plate
Carbon Fiber battery plate

Acer Racing:
B6 Ceramic Bearing Kit

SlickDiffz (diff rings/balls/thrusts)

Bezerk RC (Australia):
Shorty Carbon battery strap
Saddle pack carbon battery strap
Tall carbon rear shock tower
Standard carbon rear tower
Flat arm carbon front tower
Gull wing arm carbon front tower

Hard coated pivot ball
Aluminum chassis weight (servo)
Aluminum chassis weight (ESC)
Titanium battery post
POM shock bushings shaft guide
POM shock bushings
Caster block bushing set (0,1,1.5,2,3 degree)
Hat bushings (1&2 degree)
hat busings (0&3 degree)
Hybrid titanium and aluminum turnbuckles
titanium turnbuckles

ZZ Racing:
B6 Titanium Screw Set
B6D Titanium screw set

McKune R/C:
Slipper pads

Factory R/C:
Carbon Fiber Lockout for Schelle slipper

Acer Racing:
Ceramic bearing kit

Vision Racing Products:
Aluminum turnbuckle battery mount
Alum rear tower with option holes
Alum rear tower with option holes +2mm
Alum front shock tower (flat)
Alum front shock tower (flat w/option holes)
Alum front shock tower (gullwing)
B6 Aluminum motor plate
Aluminum Ballast set
Slipper pads

Casper R/C Ceramic Caged Thrust Bearing for Diff:
Casper R/C

Imbue R/C:
12mm Brass pistons

Stick-it1 Graphics (custom name decals)
Stick-it1 Graphics

2-Stage shock pistons
Garodisc Slipper Pads - new style
Garodisc Slipper Pads - old style

Pan Car Sized 2S pack for stock racing
Lightweight chassis protectors
"Thick" Chassis protectors

Factory One Shock Bushings:

Fastener Express Screws in Bulk

TKO Competition:
TKO Flat diff rings
Carbon Fiber Slipper pads
Bearing Lube
Gearbox Lube

mip puck outdrives for gear diff
Race Top Shaft
Puck gear diff outdrives
Bi Metal Roller Pucks
Bi Metal Diff kit
Puck drive system
Carbide Diff Ball rebuild kit
Diff shim kit for puck system

Titanium front axles
Shock Standoffs
Titanium battery post with aluminum nuts
7mm clamping hexes
CF battery strap
titanium wing screws
Carbon Steering Blocks
Titanium Steering Screws
Titanium Screw Kit
Titanium Battery post and Aluminum Nuts
Carbon steering blocks
Titanium Ball Studs
Bearing kit builder
Ceramic Thrust balls
Carbide Diff balls
Ceramic Transmission bearings for B6
Ceramic Trasmission bearings for B6D
Aluminum spring cups
Black threaded shock collars
Black shock caps
Black alum shock collars and caps
Triad Aluminum Wing buttons
Aluminum wing buttons

Extreme Carbon fibter strap
CF X Brace for Chassis turnbuckle
Laydown motor mount with spur guard
Aluminum steering bushings
Pro Built Ball diff w/ bi metal outdrives
Pro Built ball diff with Puck outdrives
Pro built Ball diff
Nova Lockout Drive
B6 Laydown spur gear cover
Flat arm Carbon front tower
31 mm rear tower
Front wing mount
Carbon steering arms
Titanium motor screws
Carbon fiber battery strap
Nova Slipper
Chassis protector
B6D rear hubs
Alum wing buttons
Titanium upper screw set

Alum Servo mount
CF Battery brace
CF steering arms
CF rear tower
CF Gullwing front tower
CF flat arm front tower
0mm offset alum spring cup
Combo 7mm and 5.5 mm wrench
3 gear laydown plate
3 gear standup plate
Aluminum steering bellcranks
Aluminum steering rack
Finnisher Wing buttons
Short Cord Rear Wing
Aero Rear Wing
Wide Gullwing front wing
Narrow Gullwing front wing
Wide Flat arm front wing
Narrow Flat arm front wing
Titanium front axles
Finnisher Alum wing buttons
Titanium front axles
Shock Collar O-ring set
Fin Titanium Turnbuckles
Chassis protectors
S2 Body with Aero Wing
S2 body (lightweight) with aero wing

Lower front wing mount
rear wing wedge
Rear wing mount, one piece
compact battery strap for tall reedy zapper
compact battery strap for LP reedy shorty
B6 rear bumper
laydown gear shield
"Elephant trunk" waterfall
B6 rear body mount flange
Front wing mount (lower)

Titanium Turnbuckles
B6 Titanium screw kit
B6D Titanium Screw Kit

Clamping Fan mount
CF Battery strap w/turnbuckle
Black direct spur gear adapter
"Flite" motor plate
Titanium dog bones for bi-metal puck system
titanium quick change shock posts (rear)
titanium quick change shock posts (front)
one piece alum camber mount
Alloy Spring Perch 0
Alloy Spring perch +5
Clamping servo horn 25t
Clamping servo horn 23t
Aluminum Rear Clamping Hex
Slipper Eliminator (pending)
Aluminum Wing Buttons
Anodized lower shock caps
Aluminum threaded collars

Proline Predator
Chassis protector


Gravity R/C:
.2mm thick shims
Drill-compatible adapter to help spin wheel for bench break-in
Offroad tire break-in kit

Mcpappy Pinion Carrier:
Pinion Tree, 64 pitch, but you could probably fit 48 pitch ones.

Stiky Kicks Tire Sauce:
Sticky Kicks

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