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Originally Posted by 1spunspur View Post
Hi WesRaven, are you bragging about your cars or your driving capabilities? All kidding aside, sounds like you have plenty of driving time in to notice the differences or lack of differences between the two cars.
haha Lets say 70% the cars, 20% the ideal test conditions, and 10% my driving Most of the zeal comes from the fact that I've been practicing with a TRF 419 at Tamiya since you have to run a Tamiya brand car there (unless they are having an open chassis race) so I went into this test with a real fear in the back of my mind that I would be faster with the TRF or be more comfortable with it with amount of extra track time I've had with it there. That fear has been safely put to rest. The extra corner speed out of the Ax cars is pretty crazy.

As far as my driving goes, I specifically didn't post exact lap times because I wasn't sure if they would be comical to some Even though I have to admit I was pleased with how consistent I was running, I only point this out so people know the results were repeatable and pretty consistent. In other words, I don't think the 700 won because of dumb luck. I've tried this test before before, but between track changes and other various factors I didn't find the results to be conclusive enough to be noteworthy.

The belt vs shaft battle is one of the oldest I can think of with touring cars. I've always wanted to do a direct comparison, but never had two cars similar enough and the test conditions to say for sure up until now. This is definitely far from conclusive and completely my own opinion/impression, but will help when I get asked the very common question of "should I buy the belt or shaft car?".
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