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Originally Posted by jcsantana92 View Post
Is anyone running ribbed front tires? There's a new track being built in my city and nobody is sure how the grip going to end, supposedly mid-high, but a lot of guys do run ribbed in another low-mid track we have.

I've tried searching for the benefits of ribbed tires and haven't found much, would appreciate any comments.

I currently have front suburbs I think and a couple of others meant for clay style tracks (I bought my dex210 used a couple of weeks ago with those tires.)
Our track was usually low grip by the time the mains came around and the 4wd SC, 8th scale buggy and Truggy churned up the dirt. I found ribs were best for putting the power down, as they kept the buggy pointed straighter under throttle. Most importantly it offered less grip, and on a loose track, having more front traction than rear means spin outs are easy. Steering is mild and predictable. Some guys like it on carpet to reduce traction roll, but fast guys will run grippy tires and find other ways to stop the roll.

They also stay clean real well, if the track waters and gets clumpy tread tires will clump and become mud caked slicks.

Dry medium tracks might be the no man land for them, but I've never ran in that condition.

what chassis did you Get? All the internet supports the plastic chassis on loose dirt but when I broke mine and ran the aluminum the car became perfect with a ton of forward grip. Maybe outside the added weight was just the trick but everyone who runs Durango at our track and has done well had the aluminum chassis in the exact conditions the shorter, stiffer chassis is supposed to suck in.
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