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Originally Posted by Davidka View Post
If he TQ'd & won then it's safe to assemble he'd have done it without this single modification. Better for us club racers to trust TLR's engineering and not hack up our cars.
Mmmm.... Chances are he had a good bit of time on that suspension to know the pro's/con's with it. But, I doubt he ran it at risk of a performance loss. He has created a lot of mods for cars over the years, & some were really cool.

It's fun to tinker to learn, if that's your thing.. whether it's mod'n an OEM, or trying crazy setup changes.. To each their own. I like to do both.. To learn. And it's not cheap..

+1 on the typical club racer... Put your time into learning setup & no wrecks! It'll save you money & make you a lot faster.

I only know Frank from the forums. It's rare to have a Mfg Smartie Pants share their smarts so openly. It's a good thing to keep going. Plus, he knows all the details on the new iPhone 7 design & features!
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