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Originally Posted by Speedfactory View Post
What are people's thoughts on racers dropping down a class to go to big races ?
If a racer needs to prop up their ego with a bowling trophy, more power to them.

Originally Posted by Speedfactory View Post
What are people's ideas to eliminate this type of thing from happening ?
Handing them their trophy at the end of the race day along with the business card of a therapist.

Originally Posted by Speedfactory View Post
Lastly is it ok to drop down a class at your home track just because they are running a race that is not just a "club race " ?
No, not really. But at that point it becomes the responsibility of the race director who has a conflict of interest between keeping the racer happy and having to listen to the grumblings of racers in the lesser mains, or pissing off the sandbagger and running the risk that they will not return. Some may say "good riddance".

I cant speak for everyone, but the reason I race is to compare my skills against others at whatever level me and my machine are at on race day. The best I can hope for is competition in my run group. Nothing more boring than getting lapped by the entire field. Or on the flip side, lapping the field.

The UF1 race format has been great at eliminating the concept of sandbagging. You just cant beat the short 3 minute qualifier to organize the run groups. The icing on the cake is a race day with 30-45 minutes of heads up racing. It is not ideal for a "big race", but as a club race format it is very satisfying for racers of all skill levels.
I don't always race RC, but when I do, I prefer "UF1 format".
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