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Originally Posted by baoduong View Post
Your account was deep in negative because you already spent all the money we have sent...
Could you please refund my $1000, or at least respond to the claim so paypal could process it faster?
No money was spent sir, I didn't conduct this madness however my account is back in positive and refunds are being issues as we speak.

Originally Posted by racer1812 View Post
After 2 weeks you don't know what happened You didn't ship anything you sold that's what happened!

Why didn't you ship what you sold?!?!?!

IF paypal was holding the funds, you shouldn't have spent the money! YOU CAN'T TELL ME YOU DIDN'T KNOW THE FUNDS WERE ON HOLD!

You need to come up with a better story buddy. Even though it's likely to be BS

Originally Posted by Cpt.America View Post
Yeah, this guy is a thief. Don't wait for this guy, more delay tactics. File your paypal claim, get your money. This is the exact reason you never EVER pay as a gift.
There are no delay tactics. Not sure what kind of resolution you're hoping for but I'm no Bernie Madoff and I did reply to this in hopes of peaceful resolution.

Originally Posted by BigC2007 View Post
^^^^^^ He may be trying to leave out of the country.
I just re entered the country
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