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Originally Posted by Brit_racer View Post
This happens way to much at some of my local tracks. It drives me a little crazy but what can you say?

I know in the real world guys swear. I get that. I just hate seeing it at the track. There is lots of kids there and people still let it rip.

My daughter used to come with me but now she won't as all the swearing just makes her so uncomfortable and scares her off. She was doing well with racing but it put her right off.

I've asked race announcers to mention it before and when they do most guys just laugh it off. I thought this was meant to be a family hobby/sport.

When I've asked people to 'tone it down' they seem to take offense. What do you think it the most polite way of asking them?

I really think it drives quite a few people away from our tracks. Th track owners do agree it should not go on but they don't enforce it much.

Maybe a no swearing sign at the track?

I did think about buying one and giving to the track owners to put up?

I really don't want to seem like a prude so hate to mention it time after time.

How does your track deal with it?
Really no swearing at my local track, unless you get hit by a car. What turned me off, was the 8th cars running over people and 10th scale cars. I got hit in the back waiting for cars in the next lane to pass . Car flew about 8 feet high and 20 25 feet into opposite lane. Luckily it hit me with all four tires evenly and not straight bumpber. A kid got hit in the face and had to go to hospital. I won't let my kids, 13 years old , get the car when it rooms over. Too many yahoo's with 8 pound cars that can't drive.
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