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i wont lie, im one of those guys that stinks like pot(you will smell it but never see it) i dont smoke in front of my kid and i sure as hell wont around anyone elses. before my main i may just sneak away and calm my nerves down.
i have issues speaking in general so im not one of those guys that spouts nonsense either.
if anyone asks me not to, i wont. Gord tessman can testify to that.

people have to remember allot of guys in rc racing are from other motorsport or sports and there bodys are too banged up to continue we usually choose pot to cope other than taking prescribed pills.

after ranting on my soap box, if someones openly smoking weed in front of kids or acting like hes straight out of cheech and chong he should be asked to leave no questions asked, if it happens again one year ban.
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