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Originally Posted by chopper82p View Post
Not quite sure whats happened. Im issuing refunds currently,

So far refunded was Scott for $90

I'm trying to refund everyone else however paypal seems to be acting up, my paypal accoount was deep in the negative bc they were holding the funds yall sent me. I've added the fund to my acct now it not lettin me refund the rest of yall?
After 2 weeks you don't know what happened You didn't ship anything you sold that's what happened!

Why didn't you ship what you sold?!?!?!

IF paypal was holding the funds, you shouldn't have spent the money! YOU CAN'T TELL ME YOU DIDN'T KNOW THE FUNDS WERE ON HOLD!

You need to come up with a better story buddy. Even though it's likely to be BS
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