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Originally Posted by dcho87 View Post
Thank you! there are just so many steps along the building process that can bring out the inner OCD. I know I had plenty of those moments.

And I agree that soldering will take more practice. I learned it by fixing a horrible job my LHS did for me on another chassis (bad joints, burn marks on the motor and surrounding plastics) and was looking forward to apply that knowledge towards a clean slate, so here we are. For everything else like the wire bundling and parts selection, I was just trying to emulate what I read and saw from knowledgeable folks like yourself.

Here's a rough break-down, and welcome (more like curious) to hear any feedback. Maybe there isn't much to say.
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  • 32wt shock fluid in front and back, as per the factory recommendation
  • Reedy 2s 5200 mah 50C saddle pack
  • Jconcepts bar codes on AE wheels (blue, F/R)

Question - Is the little Teflon diff cover inside the outdrive recommended? Mine seems to not want to slide in unless I use a lot of force, and I'm worried that it will be difficult to retrieif I ever wanted to take it out.
That OCD will get you every time! I hear great things about the black box, if I didn't love my Orion and Tekin I would have spent the money on it. Also I know many people here are happy with the M3.

Stock setup is the best place to start and then as you make upgrades slight changes from there based on what you are feeling. The best thing to do it talk with others at your local track, there's no one better than others who have a ton of experience locally.

My local hobby shop is also always willing to help, give tips, even between and after races he is always willing to help me out with some tips.

The Teflon cover, you mean that plastic nut with the ears? You may be able to trim it a little so that you can easily insert and remove it.

Good luck and be sure to post up your opinions on your electronics and the kit. There are great people on here willing to help.
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