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Originally Posted by Josh L View Post
Bladders tend to be a headache compared to emulsion.
Have you considered trying it? Many pro's run emulsion on their 410's, so it might benefit you try it.
Otherwise I don't understand what the deal could be if you are building everything exactly the same

I might try it if I don't get the vented right. I just need to order new caps first.
How accurate does the rebound need to be matched? +-10% , 20%??
I have used a couple of losi bottles allready, trying to figure out why the other one is rebounding more. It seems like it almost rebounds the same amount, even if I try to compress the piston, and bleed out a more oil...

I do put the bladder inside the cap when installing. The piston is almost fully compressed when I put the cap on. (could it be that the piston are too compressed and touching the bladder when installing the cap?letting in air etc)
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