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Originally Posted by Snorkel54 View Post
Hi guys, been following this thread since the start!

I have a question regarding the rebound of the shocks. On the front pair I get one with zero, but the other, following the same procedure I get 60-70% travel. The same exact thing happens with the rear pair.
If I open the cap on the shock with zero rebound the bladder remains inside the cap, but with the other it is sealed to the shock itself (not in the cap)I run standard vented. Any advise on this?? Its so frustrating not being able to get them more or less the same.
Bladders tend to be a headache compared to emulsion.
Have you considered trying it? Many pro's run emulsion on their 410's, so it might benefit you try it.
Otherwise I don't understand what the deal could be if you are building everything exactly the same
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