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Originally Posted by Socket View Post
I've seen this done. People sandbagged their times to get into the bottom half. There's only 1 way to combat it - make a single class."Buggy" and "truck"

My local 1/8th track did this at a big race and the turnout was very nice. Some cried about how they didn't have a chance to win, however, many enjoyed it.
Class fragmentation seems to an issue akin to the USA. In Europe whether you're racing karts, rc cars whatever there are very few classes. If you don't cut it either in skill, weight etc then go play chess instead. I would must rather be in a class of 100 racers and set myself the goal of top 30etc than have 5 classes of 20 and say "I won the sportsman, stock, over 50, half blind" class.

My 0.02c
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