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Originally Posted by Socket View Post
There's so much wrong in this, it's amazing.

How many people here have personally experienced "1930's pool halls"? I have a feeling you haven't, nor have the majority here.

The biggest irony - you live in NY, I've never heard or dealt with a worse populace of people in my life. As for people conforming to your method of communication when around you - do you carry a sign, or do you specifically confront every single person around your wife and children?
Dude , so much wrong with your stupid thought prosses . Your statement about people from New York proves how IGNORANT you are. I'm no liberal and I'm no angel but I'm aware of my surroundings and the people who are in that space at times. I control my self and my mouth when around others . That doesn't mean I don't curse , I use judgement and logic as well as common sense as much as possible .
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