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Originally Posted by goehm View Post
That doesn't seem like living in the real world. As Core referenced, that would probably get you reprimanded or fired in 95% of the other places of work.

I don't think you're wrong in your statements, and teaching kids how to deal with adversity is great; however, I don't think it's a blanket solution. Nor one that is so good that all others should be dismissed.

PS - Why didn't you take a video? I challenge that it didn't happen with no evidence. Partially because I'd love to see a video of you yelling that. C'mon, do it again. It's Friday and we need a laugh!
I can't legally roll video inside of my building. Sorry.

Waitaminute! Why did you sanitize the 'F' in your message? You should be able to use it freely. RCTech exists in the real world.
Look back a page - a moderator edited my post and asked me to not I sanitized it. Don't like it? Get a refund on my post.
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