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Originally Posted by Cain View Post
Yeah from what I can tell for stock 17.5 buggy I think I am going to really like this buggy. The gearing range available alone is quite nice.

For the motor mount issue I mentioned, I'll use this image:

As you can see, the outer screw holes have a kind of "lip" around them, so as the pinion gets bigger, they are tapered in respect to it. However the lip from what I have here in my hands doesn't seem as thick, so you could technically mount your pinion in such a way its in front of the lip, and you can go REAL big with pinions if needed.
Alright seems a few more vehicles out there. Looking at the gear ratio chart for the dex210F, there is a very wide range you can go. Again though, my question comes back to that "lip" I mentioned.

Anyone else see what I am seeing and have opinions? I think its not a factor, so curious.

heck, with the range, you could only need to buy the cheap 81T spur and still be good for gearing I bet.
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