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Originally Posted by OSherman View Post
i believe the BLACK is a Limited Edition kit... cannot get black bits separately.
Maybe someone can help me understand this better, I have bought a black 2nd hand only to realise that I couldn't get replacement parts, granted the car is in top shape but spares are always handy, now my question is why? Why no parts for the black? I understand its a limited edition but did tamiya think that if you say damaged a shock, you would replace it with a blue trf? Or wanted a replacement centre shaft that you would replace it with a blue one. Or should, after forking out quite a large sum of money for the black, condemn it to a life of shelf queen?

I have not run it yet as after I realised there was no part availibility I'm to scared to. Am probably going to get the exo6 conversion and some blue parts, thinking I should have maybe bought the blue model instead.
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