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Originally Posted by yifuqiao View Post
Wanted you guys opinions on this.
So I have been driving with t4 16 base carpet setup lately and I really liked it.
I was looking at setup sheet provided by X-ray drivers for inspirations. But they just look far different from mine, and I tried one of them , went back to base setup again.

I am just curious at witch point, do you think you need to modify the setup? I have been improved my lap time a lot with this base setup, but i always feel there is something left to be desired.

I guess this is also a skill development question. At which point do you think you need better setup?

Wanted to hear you guys opinions.
My 2 cents (driving the t4 '15 for more than 11 months now), it all depends on you and how you are really connected and familiar with your car. As I started with my '15 last year, I was using a Futaba 4PK radio and doing fine. When I switched to the M12S, I got faster, more consistent and got more "connected to car" to the point I was confident and daring enough to make set up changes in the kit and test it out and see my performance.

Prior to the end of 2015, I tested the Hagberg set up but retained some set ups that I felt were more suited to my driving. I posted the fastest lap and most number of laps in a 5 min run for 17.5T blinky in our recent club race.

To each his own
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