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The link to shapeways :

Originally Posted by Piles View Post
Why would you centre the battery? Are you having issues? I thought the battery is offset to compensate for the motor and servo. With the battery off set you get a perfect L/R balance.
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How could you know that having the battery on the opposite side of where the motor is achieves perfect L/R balance? By what one can see with the naked eye it may look like that but, Has anybody actually used a scale and done the maths for this? I mean unless you managed to precisely calculate the weight of all the electronics and parts your buggy has on each side...

Marc Rheinard was using it centered:
Lee Martin had it opposite to the motor but with what looks like added weight on the left side of the battery:

What are your opinions gents?
Picture from FB "Yokomo YZ-2 & YZ-4" - Post of Eirik Andreassen.
The car is well balance like this, that's why I have made this battery rack.No more weight to set the position of the shorty.
On the Front Left - Read 392gr.

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