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Originally Posted by monkeyracing View Post
I'll likely go with hard (medium) plastics, as my regular track is med grip on a very good day.

The thing about to he kit C hubs I had is they aren't marked like the hard versions are, but they've got crescent shaped divots on the inside that matched with ones that were marked. Thanks for the tip on newer arms. I'll definitely look into that.

Rebuilding shocks several times a day...nope. I'm a weekly club racer that will barely qualify in the B, if the competition is strong. I might rebuild shocks a few times per season in my cars that see a lot of action. Hell, yesterday I barely had time to charge and sauce, before I was running again. (2 classes + 4 heats = no wrench time!)

Thanks again!
Jim, I'd go with the hard plastics, the XH plastics are fragile and maybe a pro can run them, but I'd stay away from them personally.

The C-hubs are marked and usually they are on the inside lower left side or right side of the inside of the chub, unless you have old stock items, those where randomly marked or not at all some times. Just make sure when you install them that the tops of the chubs are tilted towards the back of the car.

I only rebuild shocks when they make the squishy noise on compression, or when I fly with my cars. It seems like the shocks always need rebuilds after a plane trip.

As long as the diff doesn't leak excessively, I usually only check it the same time as the shock rebuild, although lately because of playing with different diff thickness fluids, its apart more than normal.
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