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Hi Everyone,

I recently built 2 2016 XB4's for myself and a friend. They've been amazing but i'm struggling with setup.

Using the Hudy Universal Exclusive Set-Up System (1/10 Off-Road HUD108905) along with the Hudy set-up board and the Hudy 20mm Droop Gauges I set the ride height to exactly 20mm following the instructions in the setup manual (dropping the car).

I then set the camber and toe to 0 front and rear as a starting point on the setup system making sure to hold the car down onto the 20mm setup blocks while making my adjustments.

However, when I put the wheels back on the car I end up with positive camber! Usually about +2-+3. I must be doing something wrong but I'm not sure what?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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