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Originally Posted by howardcano View Post
I'll try again:

Does this radio have a failsafe for both the steering and throttle?
Spektrum surface has always had the failsafe for throttle be where you set it at bind. However, steering has always been fail to neutral. That is actually programming in the receivers and we are working on making both fail to preset.
Originally Posted by Norse View Post
June or July is when we can expect the new DX6 R? Any chance they will be released sooner?
June is the current release date. It will not be sooner.

Originally Posted by Dan.J View Post
This may bring Spektrum back up to a top tier radio and may get some of us interested in them again as a possibility. I have seen in the past how much Ryan cares about things he is involved with (some of the TLR stuff in the past) I'm sure he has put his passion into this new radio so it should be a good one.
The thought is to get us to the top of the pyramid with this one and then we can go from there. I did manage to cut off the tip of my finger working on this project which is totally my fault, lol. The nice lady at the ER stitched it back on but it was pretty comical to hurt my throttle finger working on a radio to me.

Originally Posted by platgof View Post
5.5 frame rate? Don't the better radios have a much faster frame rate? I wonder is they fixed the interference issues from other radios? And can it transmit further than say 100 feet? There are a lot of stupid things with the DX4R that were never addressed, and now they want to sell another version, nah. Ridiculous range, lots of interference from other radios, really! This will be a wait and see for me at best.
The DX4R Pro coupled with a DSMR receiver had range passed 1000ft and no intereference issues with other radios. Many chose to use the radio with older DSM2 and DSM receivers and those still would have the same older issues just as ANY brand has when using their older technology RF.

In regards to frame rate, frame rate goes hand in hand with latency. They are not tied together though. Our radios overall transmission of signal and controlling surfaces is at least equivalent or better than most out there rated at faster speeds when running ours at 5.5ms frame rate due to our programming.

Originally Posted by G the Menace View Post
Will the smaller of the 2 steering wheels fit on my DX4R?
I am sorry but the whole adapter mechanism is different. I think dynamite makes an optional steering wheel for the DX4R that is smaller if that is what you are looking for.

Originally Posted by 1evo RRR Driver View Post
I was totally on board until you said (built in battery). Sounds cool. But how many times have you forgotten 2 charge n simply just popped in another battery!!!! Built means you have to charge the controller. N if ur charging at the track then thats less track time cause the remote is plugged in. I don't like that!!!!
I can understand where you are coming from here but with the included charging base and a 4000mah battery pack, battery life will not be an issue at all. The charging base is such that you will simply come back to the pit and set it on that base and it will be charging. The charge rate we are offering should charge the battery from a 10 minute run back to full in just a tinge longer than that time. However, off the charger, the radio will run for many many hours. We ran it at the NB show non stop for the whole show and didnt even recharge the pack once.

Originally Posted by dtr View Post
Does it have some radio functionality exposed to apps? It would be interesting to create custom timers or mixes or linking multiple radios together for some fun driving.
We are working on some of this and many will be pretty happy with the outcome of what we already have going, but what we can do in the future is what people should really be talking about. Having this android based means a long great future.

Originally Posted by tobamiester View Post
I doubt anything. They don't, to my knowledge package the DX4R with anything so don't see why they're package an even more expensive radio with any RTR.
Yeah, this radio will never be packaged with anything out there.
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