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Originally Posted by Callaway View Post
The Kyosho kits are nice, however... Well, I started with TLR 22 SCT then Ten-SCTE, racing both of them. I was looking for a buggy and I got a great deal on an RB6 with a lot of upgrades (all Kyosho aluminum parts) and tons of spares. I am finding that the RB6 is a little more difficult to find a good starting setup compared to my TLR kits. Also, if you look at most of the pro setups, they have gone to a sideways shorty but you have to grind down the chassis and cut the side rails to make that happen.

What I have come to think, and this was confirmed by talking to some fellow racers recently, is that the Kyosho kit requires more skill in setup tuning to get it just right for a track. I have been told by others that have owned RB6 and comparable AE/TLR kits that the RB6 is way more setup sensitive and has a more narrow tuning range that will work for you. The AE B5m and TLR 22 (2.0 and 3.0) are much more forgiving in comparison.

So take that for what it's worth... I just put together a 22 3.0 with kit setup and in two weeks I'll get to compare it with the RB6 I have been working on for a few months. Based on my lap times, I will be keeping one and figuring out what to do with the other!

You'll also want to factor in, if you're racing, whether there are any experienced guys locally running whatever kit you decide on that you can ask for advice. Another factor is parts availability and cost in your area.

I think the RB6 is a great kit, but I don't think it's for everyone.
In reality all modern off-road cars share intrinsic things; like two sets of links for the front and one camber link for the rear as well as similar difs, shock types and the stock placements for each. I can't see how it's harder to setup than the other two. Having had a few B5Ms I can say it is a great car. But in my opinion the issue with both the TLR stuff and the AE cars are that after a few months the cars tend to slop out quickly. The Kyosho plastics and fit are to me, tighter and last longer. Where a b5m will lose its edge the Kyosho keeps it longer.

The same with battery modding can be said for the B5M, as you need to hack up the plastic to do it on that car. You don't have to grind the chassis if you don't want to. I just cut the side pods on my RT6 and it angles a bit but fits fine.

I'm my opinion the RB6 is the fastest 2wd car made today. It has loads of steering, can be made to drive easy or on the edge and setup changes are easily noticable making the car easier to dial in.
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