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Originally Posted by man1ac View Post

Any kind of comparison to a B5 or what to change to make the B5M more a "loose dirt kind of buggy". As above mentioned: 4gear transmission will be added to my list, anything else?

For very low grip days: Should I add a Saddle Pack? Normally I only use Shortys, but if it helps
In the winter its relatively cold where I am and our track is outdoor. To make matters worse we also water the track in the winter so traction is low. For low traction I run a B5M Lite with a 4 gear trans. The set up is close to stock. I changed the springs to black fronts and green rears with 25/22.5 oil....and 3 hole 1.3x3 pistons. I think the only unusual thin I did was run the 2 hole rear hub insert in the outside hole in the low position. I just started running a square pack and the car feels great but the heavy pack does make the car a little slower (I run a 17.5).

Last winter we ran the b5 and b5m all winter long and we all had better average lap times with the B5M. The B5M is faster on all surfaces but requires more tuning.
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