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Default ECX 1/10 modified issues


I have a 1/10 ECX Tourment with a hobbywing 60a-sl, TrackStar TS-400MG servo , specktrum sr-201 reciever , dx2e trans.

Whole system was running fine battery went flat had a recharge ready to go put it in and car took off like normal but within 10 seconds after a couple of steering turns system locked up. Cant use throttle or steering and have to turn of at car and on and it will work for short period of time before the same result.

I thought it was a receiver issue so bought a orx cheapy and did the bind but had the same issue.

Have also re calibrated the esc same result.

I then tested the car just going forwards and backwards and it didnt seem to lock up after 2-3 minutes.

I am at a loss could a functioning steering servo lock up the whole car?

Any tips would be good help guys
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