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Originally Posted by cdraughon View Post

When measuring the bellcranks, does it matter what direction the system is facing? I'm measuring my TLR 22 2.0 and the crank faces toward the servo instead of away from it. Compared to the Measurement Worksheet, it looks backwards and I'd like to know how to make the model look like the actual system.

Thanks for your continued help as I navigate the learning process on this cool tool.

If you are talking about the buggy with the slider rack then the direction the ball studs face will not matter as the rack motion is linear. If you are using a dual bell crank system then the direction the crank arms face definitely has an impact as the rack now moves in an arc so the direction of the arc and it's position relative to the steering hub will have a definite affect. You can get the current model to work with a reversed bell crank but it takes a little works to mirror the model so the geometry is correct. I can work that out for you if you send me the measurements. The graphic model in the program will display as it shows on the measurement worksheet though. I have a reversed bell crank steering system on my to do list.
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