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OK, it makes sense to measure everything against one reference Height. I don't think it's wise to change that in Chases Manager. That means that to correctly calculate CG height I need to setup ride height of my car to 22/22 and then do CG measurement where I lift the car, right? Or would it be fine to measure CG when let say car it at 18mm ride height and then just add 4mm to CG? I mean to add 4mm to CG height I enter in Car Manager main window.

I'm afraid that currently as my car is set up I can't get front to 22mm, I run out of shock preload.

Interestingly enough now when I looked in Chasses Manager I see there is measurement for Tire Dia and Tire Width, but they are also in Setup page!? How is that handled?

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P.S. I'm will be trying out Touring class and buying XRAY T4 So will have chance to try RC Crew Chief with T4 which should be how it was originally intended to use. Not that I have found anything wrong with using it for buggy.
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