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Hi Bob,

Strange nuance - I can't get CGhght permanently to zero (in Weight Transfer -> Adjust Car Values). If I set it to zero (0 is adjustment, full CG height is at 38.3 then), go to setup, press save. Then load different car, and back this car, it has been reverted to -4.6 and total CG shows as 33.7. It looks like even after I hit Save in setup tab, it goes back to 4.6.

Changing height changes this to something like -3. Where is it stored? Is there a way to permanently get it to 0, no adjustment?

I think I have latest version - V4.1.0.3.

Thank you

P.S. Digging some more I found that it looks like it thinks that 38mm CG is at height 22. But in reality it is at height 16. And I can't find a way to change it so that it's zero at 18 and then is adjusted. Maybe it's at zero at 22 because 22 is kit height?
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