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Originally Posted by oPAULo View Post
Somebody link me to some enlightenment or just school me here....
I'm green. Like been running buggy for 4 months green.
I guess in the simplest of terms my question would be,
Why not run mega softs always everywhere?? Whould the softest tire not hook up best every time?
I already know the answer but I have no idea why. What really stumps me right now is clay compounds vs. .....ummm not clay? Normal? What's normal? Outdoors? My local track is indoor clay but it gets crazy dusty and SS or MS seem to be the norm. Louisville is predominantly SS to the best of my knowledge.
Tonight in Indianapolis SS was eeeehhhh ok.... tried MS and it got worse. Found out most were on Clay Golds.
What's the difference between clay and "normal" and how would you decide what to use?
The big difference is how the traction is generated and the pin type that is needed. If you always run the softest tire even in looser conditions that require a pin rather than a bar-type tire, the pins can "fold over" and make the car feel very squirmy.

Now, for clay compounds: Clay tires create traction different than other compounds. The goal with normal compounds is to either dig into/through the dirt, or to stick to the dirt via softer, stickier compounds. With clay tracks, nothing really sticks to it so a special compound is needed. They create their traction by scraping against the track surface rather than sticking to it. This is why, at least in my area, people will start on super soft tires for slicks (soft, sticky, stick to the dirt) when it's wet and then switch to clay treads for when it dries out a little bit. However, every kind of dirt is different and honestly it just takes a lot of tribal knowledge and experience to make the right tire choice for the right conditions.
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