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Originally Posted by Bar View Post
Exactly what I was thinking Lonestar . I do like Yokomo though and I hope I am wrong and that the new works in all conditions
As someone who switches back and forth between the two, my line of thinking seems to be close to the same as yours. The Yokomo, however is a very simple Machine with low tuning options, but diverse option parts. I feel like the Yokomo requires different configurations for different conditions, while the XRAY is far more traditional and easy to use. Ultimately, I am always a bit faster with the Yokomo, but depending on the surface and track conditions, I always run my car in different configurations. On the XRAY, pretty much I would always just run carbon arms for most conditions and Aluminum chassis on carpet.

I think the shock change is a good thing, the XRAY style Shocks should make the car easier to drive and the lower CG will help with high grip traction rolling and in low grip conditions, it will make the car more stable. If you are running on Low bite asphalt and you want more body roll, you'll be able to install tall shocks. (Although I have a feeling we will all end up switching to short shocks on low grip conditions as well). The Smaller drive train will be a bonus, as the lower weight will make a bigger difference in efficiency than the reduction in pulley size takes away. This will be a GREAT stock car, I think Yokomo is starting to notice this is a bigger market and is going to focus on trying to take some of XRAY's market share. The Yokomo -15 is a great stock car, but for carpet, it needs the small shocks on it. It is definitely harder to drive than the XRAY as it is more edgy, but it is just as capable, maybe a tenth quicker for me, but at the expense of almost never having perfect runs.

I am excited about the new car. I really hope they fixed the current issues. Volker looked dominating for the first time in a long time, and while the quality of driving was not quite ETS level, it was very stacked with really quick Japanese guys and Meen V.
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