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Originally Posted by mnevoso View Post
hey guys I am having an issue with my bd7 constantly breaking steering blocks and having the bottom king pin ripped out. Anyone have a way of making them stronger or is there an aluminum option?
Stop hitting boards at full speed

(you saw this coming, didn't you?)

a few tips:
- dremel the wheel axle so it doesn't stick out of the rim and catch it when you hit that board
- tighten the kingpin a bit less so the plastic is less stressed and the steering blocks offers a bit more resistance around the thread when you hit that board
- stop hitting that board

All jokes asides - I hit boards too. I've raced the T4, BD7 and D07 the past 12 months. The BD7 is only marginally less solid than the T4, so it doesn't look like a design issue to me

Good luck,
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