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Originally Posted by Ruffdog1 View Post
I need recommendations for a high speed, high torque servo for my EB48.3. I Will be running Tekin electronics. Thanks in advance.
Servo advice is like any other, brands and opinions will abound. I will put out this guideline. Stay about 300oz/in as a minimum for durability and corner holding, and try to get .1 or faster for speed (I like the .07/.08 speeds as they're not so fast that I get in trouble, but fast enough for quick corrections, including in the air).

I've run the Savox 2274, ProTek 150t, a TowerPro that seemed to have only been sold for about a month, and RadioPost servos in my eBuggy. I liked the ProTek 150t the best. While it is more than required, I'll be putting the 170s in my EB48.3 over the winter so it matches the ET48.3 I'm building, and I run an Orion in my SCT410.3 that is also .07. The goal is to get the most similar response on them all so it makes switching between vehicles that much easier.
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