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I'm ripping apart my car and rebuilding; trying to learn an apply good setup theory but I'm kinda of confused on this car; You'd think 1/12 be simpler.

I'm good on basics such as free pod movement, tweak etc but I'm still confused on oils.

I decided to go back to what the kit manual says and try blue spring center shock and blue side springs. Kit says to use 1000wt oil for the side dampners to start, 30 wt for center shock and 30,000 wt for the front. Is this a good way to go for low traction? I see alot of 15,000, and 20,000 wt for side for I think that is for a different traction carpet.

Because I'm all over the map in handling it seems I figure to go back to basics and then as traction goes up, get to 10,000K. At best all I ever see even in a bigger race is Medium traction so its hard for me to go by setup sheets on petitrc; nobody seems to run low traction with this car.

Any thoughts?
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