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I'm waiting on the 3Racing slide rack system myself.

I have improved my car each week from just tuning the suspension to the point where it ALMOST looks like I know what I'm doing.

Obviously I lack a ton of skill as this is my first RWD drifter.

Does anyone know a decent pack of springs that fit this car? I'm unsure whether to buy 50mm or 55mm springs as I'm at work and I dont have the car in front of me. What's the stock spring size? I want to go softer in the rear.

Troy: the steering has enough slop that I could hold one wheel and wiggle the other wheel several degrees before the one in my hand wanted to move. This would cause the trailing wheel to be able to move enough to rub on the lower control arm and cause me to spin out. I have tuned it enough so nothing rubs but the steering slop is still there. It's not a MAJOR issue, it's just an annoyance. For an entry level kit in this price range it is to be expected. I wouldn't expect it to be as precise as a 500 dollar yokomo or MST. - you get what you pay for.

Verdict: good enough to get you sliding, but takes some tuning to get you sliding well.

I just posted a youtube of this fridays test session on my youtube channel. You can find it by searching derigortron. I can't post links here yet so you'll have to do some leg work if you are interested.

I'll try to document my changes as I go along with the build as best I can for those curious.
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